Tillamook Air Museum

History Housing History

Over 25 aircraft, gift shop and outstanding exhibits- all housed in a 70 year old hangar. Welcome to history housing history.

Exhibit Hall

Explore rare wartime and aviation themed artifacts, including authentic WWII medals and gear. The Tillamook Air Museum has photos, first hand documentations and uniforms from the Second World War and beyond. 

New Exhibits Coming Soon!



The perfect way to start your visit. Get a greater appreciation of Hangars A and B by learning about their history. Tillamook and the Naval Air Station were vital in defending the Pacific Northwest in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Covering everything from build time to the fire that comsumed Hangar A in 1992, this video is worth every one of the 16 minutes it takes to watch. 

Engine Room

Experience first hand, engines from the glory days of aviation. We have engines ranging from the 1920s through the 1950s. Just another example of how the Tillamook Air Museum is filled with history housing history. 

Helium Room

Frozen in time, the Helium Room is a hat tip to the Greatest Generation. Learn about the tools and machines that were used to deliver helium to the airships and experience real wartime equipment. The world was a very different place during the Second World War. This is your chance to put yourself in a different era.