Tillamook Air Museum

History Housing History

Over 25 aircraft, gift shop and outstanding exhibits- all housed in a 70 year old hangar. Welcome to history housing history.

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Looking for a fun and rewarding experience!? Then why not consider volunteering  at the Tillamook Air Museum. We have opportunities available for everyone! To apply, pick up an application at the Museum's Admissions Desk or call us and we can mail you a copy. Return to Christian Gurling, Museum Curator and Volunteer Coordinator at CGurling@Tillamookair.com

For more information, contact us at 503-842-1130 or CGurling@Tillamookair.com

 Volunteer Job Descriptions

Docent/Tour Guide

Conduct behind the scenes tours or special events as needed.


Work at the admissions desk and gift shop, greet and assist customers with museum, café, gift shop amenities, directions, maps and/or community events and clean and straighten in the gift shop.

Display and Project Builds

Under the lead of the Museum Curator or a Appointed Project Lead, Help with putting displays and donated items together for public viewing(ie: Restoring Items, Displays and Vehicles, Metal Work, Painting, Putting all Items together to make cool displays).

Collection and Display Cleaning

Cleaning, Washing, and Waxing to keep all exhibits and museum maintained in proper order under the Direction of the Director, Museum Curator, or Appointed Project Lead.

Building Maintenance

Help the Maintenance Lead with various projects around the museum.